Isn't your Service Expensive?

Therapy is expensive. There is no getting away from that. Having multiple initial meetings with different therapists that you feel you don't work for you either personality wise, or through the therapeutic approach they take it even more expensive and potentially very disappointing if you give up on therapy completely.

Do I have to sign up to see someone in person?

No, it is entirely up to you how you proceed.

If you just wish to have a consultation, that's fine.

At the end of your consultation you will be offered the names of three therapists in your area.

Should you wish to continue with face to face therapy all you have to do is pick the person most convenient for you and contact them. 

Arranging sessions and any  fees etc is between you and your therapist at that point.

How does therapy work?

It depends on the therapy.

Some work off the idea that talking about the deep rooted problem you have releases emotion and in doing that some of the toxic stuff you might be carrying around is released and that changes how you feel and in turn, how you think.

Others work off the idea that you think and feel a particular way because of the relationship you have to yourself and other people. The idea of these therapies is that a relationship with someone who functions differently to people you have know before can change that relationship in your mind and, as a knock on, with other people.

Other therapies look at changing how you think, and work off the idea that changing that can change how you feel.

Which works for you will be about how you view how people operate, and how well you click with your therapist.

We're here to help figure some of this out.

What is therapy not?

As much as possible we try and avoid sandals and socks.

We're also not huge fans of lying on couches, staring into pocket watches or doing much with crystals 

You may talk about your parents, but there's actually a point to that one.