Find the Right Therapist

Finding the right therapy and therapist can be baffling. We're here to talk it through and find the right one

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Why Therapease?

A big part of successful therapy is finding the right therapy and therapist to suit you.


Trawling the internet to find a therapist can be confusing, disappointing and an ultimately expensive experience if you end up having multiple unsatisfactory first sessions with therapists who don't work for you.

We are here to help you find the right therapist first time.

Our consultations take place over the phone at a time that suits you with one of our qualified therapists. The time will give you the chance to talk through what type of therapy you might like and the type of therapist you are likely to feel most comfortable with. 

Following your telephone consultation, if you do decide to see someone face to face, we can recommend one of the therapists in our network. We have over 3000 therapists across the UK and Ireland and ensure only those with robust qualifications and good feedback are referred to.